mp3maniac (mp3maniac) wrote in hkmusic,


Get totally FREE access to the most complete MP3 library ever (millions of files, every single song on Earth! - see screenshots and examples below. All you have to do is register)!

You can create your personal playlist, either listen to your favourite tracks online or download them: there is even a program Internet Download Manager that downloads everything for you automatically!
Videosearch should be enabled shortly - trust us (it's already available for Russian users), there are things that you'll NEVER find on YouTube!

The registration process takes exactly one minute: users from all countries are welcome!

For those of you who have already registered and there are more than 100 of you - please share your opinion on the impressive mp3 collection files in the comments field. By the way, I am registered here as well, and will add all of you who are registered to my friends list today!
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