yiuser (yiuser) wrote in hkmusic,

Raymond Lam - Your love

I listen to Raymond Lam´s new CD "Your Love". It came out this year, on Sept. 10th. If you want to listen to the CD. Somebody upload a few songs on youtube.
It is very funny, that they released this album with two different covers. To me, it looks like a trick to sell more CDs.
The songs: I really love "愛不疚" . I think it´s because of "Moonlight Resonance". You can hear this song often in this series. It has a catchy beginning and a good understandable text, especially in connection with the series.
That´s the reason, why I had great experience to Raymond Lam´s new CD.
But the songs are the normal Pop-Songs. It is about Love, relationship, very slow and .. sorry ... very boring. There is one good faster song "Tonight" (no.3 on the CD). I thought after his performance at the Miss HK Pageant 2008 with Justin Timberlake's " Sexy Back", Raymond Lam won´t sing fast songs anymore. But this is another topic. "Tonight" is a normal fast song. Nothing special.
My recommendation: Listen to this CD, if you want to sleep and if you want to dream from Raymond Lam.
The whole album sounds unpersonal without an own style. I know Raymond Lam can sing. But he need to develop an own style if he want to be a great musician.
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