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Leslie Cheung - Red

Hey everybody, I was wondering if anybody had any Leslie Cheung. Unfortunately I only have one album, Red, but I've uploaded it in hopes that someone will be so kind to share some of his other albums with me (or at least point me in the right direction to find more).

ARTIST: Leslie Cheung (張國榮)
Album: Red (紅)
Release: November 1, 1996
LANGUAGE: Cantonese
GENRE: Cantopop, Trip-hop
BITRATE: 320 kbps
Size: 89.15 Mbs

1. "Prologue[Red]" – 0:12
2. 偷情 "Love by Stealth" – 4:56 (Preivew)
3. 有心人 "A Man of Intention" – 5:11
4. 還有誰 "Who Else?" – 3:24
5. 談情說愛 "Whispers of Love" – 3:52
6. 你我之間 "You and Me" – 4:10
7. 怨男 "Grieving Man" – 3:40
8. 怪你過份美麗 "Blamefully Beautiful" – 4:55 (Preview)
9. 不想擁抱我的人 "The One Who Doesn't Want to Hold Me" – 3:51
10. 意猶未盡 "Longing For More" – 3:42
11. 紅 "Red" – 4:42 (Preview)

I you wante something else just ask and I'll make it happen.

Here's Leslie preforming a mix of the title track at his 1997 concert series:

Cross posted anywhere I could think of! Sorry if you get this twice on your f-list.
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download link is invalid:(
thank u <3
Know it's been a couple of years, but the link still works. Thanks :)
sorry to bored you, could you please re-upload this album again, many thanks in advance