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Nicholas Tse - Let Me Die (English version) [
April 19, 08 at 4:48pm]

For fans of Nicholas Tse and those who like the inserted song in the movie 2002...

A good friend of mine introduced me to Nicholas Tse's old movie named 2002. At first, I was afraid to watch it because it involves ghosts *blushes* (Yes, I am VERY afraid of ghosts.). But it was't scary at all. -_- *lol* I really like the song Let Me Die. Actually, I heard the Cantonese version a few years ago already but didn't know it came from a movie.

It took me a while to find the English version of the song. I don't know why it was hard to find it but anyway, I want to share it with others.

- The file is not password-protected. So, please, at least comment if you download.
- Let me know if the link expires. I will re-upload the file.
- DO NOT repost the download links in forums.
- Enjoy! =)

Direct Download Link (fake lj-cut) @ my LJ  
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April 13, 08 at 3:12pm]


I'm not sure if this wld be the right place but I am looking for THIS !
Jeff Chang and Hong Kong Sinfonietta 2006 Live (2CD)

The exact link :
Its selling at .. SG$27.62

PLEASE if anyone can sell it to me, BRAND NEW please ! Or if you could be nice enough to help me purchase it , I am willing to pay SG$30 ! (ABLE TO NEGO!)

Pls do be based in spore , thanks .. much easier!

Reason being : I do not have any credit card to purchase it and spore stores are selling at a much higher price! =(


Contact me at !

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heyall [
January 30, 08 at 5:25pm]

New here...

Thought I'd ask around about Chet Lam's music... any to share? It's terrible getting his CDs when you're in Singapore!
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January 07, 08 at 8:46pm]

hey. i was just wondering if anyone have songs by 农夫?
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October 16, 07 at 4:17pm]

Kan guo lai! I recently viewed Richie Ren's Dui Mian De Nuhai music video on youtube and loved it and now I'm addicted to the song! I can even sing it really good. :P Kan Guo Lai, Kan Guo Lai~. I would be eternally greatful if one of you could upload it (the video and song) for me because I want to show it to my Chinese class. Preferably as soon as possible. They'll be thrilled!

Thank you
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Jacky Cheung - By Your Side [
October 14, 07 at 1:50am]

[ mood | in search ]

Hi to all,
I have a question. I really need lyrics of Jacky Cheung's album By Your Side translated in English. Does anybody know where I can find it, or maybe somebody can translate it? I especially need track 03. But also all the rest of them.
Thanks in advance!

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Jacky Cheung [
October 08, 07 at 4:17pm]

Hey, can anybody direct me somewhere I can get Jacky Cheung's discography?

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David Tao & Anson Hu Requests [
September 21, 07 at 1:31pm]

[ mood | nuuuuu ]

Ok, I went to China a few years ago and came back with almost 20 cds of people I had no clue who they were or what they sounded like. It's taken me a few MORE years to figure out who the artists were because I don't speak Cantonese or Mandarin all that well - but my most favorite CDs were damaged in a car accident and I have no way of getting them back. If ANYONE has ANYTHING recorded by David Tao or Anson Hu (not sure if that's the correct name, but I can upload a picture of him if it rings a bell...), I would love you forever.

Bribes to offer include: 2 full CDs by Nicholas Tse, various Korean rap/r&b, Japanese rock/pop...just ask to see what I have. ^-^'

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Help! [
September 20, 07 at 4:23pm]

Hi all.. can anyone help me to upload these files onto another host server like mediafire? not megaupload and rapidshare please. 
the password to extract these files is: progolf
please!! thanks alot!! 

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Lyric Translations? [
August 24, 07 at 1:27am]

Does anyone know any good sites with chinese lyric translations? Haha, I'm kinda iffy at understanding some songs. Thanks.
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hello. request [
August 22, 07 at 9:08am]

Hi! I'm new. To this comm and Chinese music.
But, I have a question.

What do you guys know about the Chinese punk scene? I'm really interested in Chinese punk rock. Especialy a band called Pangu.

So, I'm wondering if anyone had/could share any info about it, or mp3s or pics or anythign! lol.

thanks! i appriciate it.
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August 19, 07 at 9:33pm]

Hi all,
I don't usually listen to chinese music, but recently I just went to hk and now I'm interested =P So I was wondering if there are any good songs that people recommend, or any place (website) where I can find a top 10 list every week or something like that. This would be great so I can listen and it can help improve my canto/mando haha. Oh yeah, it would be really awesome if you guys uploaded the songs for me if you recommend them...or if not, maybe give me some place where I can download. If there are sites that can't be spread can always screen your comment, or I can change the post to friends only...just let me know.
Thanks in advance.
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August 13, 07 at 3:20pm]

Hey I was wondering if anyone knew where to Find these songs cause i can't find them any where:
Stephanie Cheung: Hong Hua Hui
Emme Wong: Good Looking
Eason Chan: Bu Ran Ni Yao Wo Zen Me Yang
Sorry I don't know the different characters to type. And I know this is taiwanese but would anyone know where to find
Energy- Xing Ren Lei
Thank You.
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July 29, 07 at 10:35pm]

i'm just wondering if anyone has the subtheme song from on the first beat(tvb sequel series to the academy starring ron ng and sammuel chan)? i'm pretty sure joey yung sings it, i just don't know what it's called.

if you do have it, let me know! :)
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June 11, 07 at 6:37pm]

i wanna request for steven ma's song the theme song from safe guards     <<铁血保镖>> it's a very cool show you should watch it!

Frankly i dont think this community is working cos pple are mostly requesting rather than know..
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songs. [
June 03, 07 at 2:33am]

hey. does anyone have  
陳冠希 - 還記得我嗎
唐禹哲 - 最愛還是你
I really want these two songs. if anyone know where to download. please tell me.
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Stephy & Alex. [
May 19, 07 at 9:39pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Ah, so I'm currently in love with their song "Extreme Love" or "Perfect Love". And their music video is so cute. =) Anyone know where I can download the song?


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May 16, 07 at 2:17am]

[ mood | okay ]

I was wondering if anyone likes raymond lam and if anyone knows where I can download his dramas' theme songs that he sang?

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request + bribe [
May 03, 07 at 8:28pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

hey i have a request & a bribe.

i didnt really know where to ask for this but i wanted to know if anyone could introduce me to any hong kong/cantonese rock bands or they could be solo artists. im really interested to heard cantonese rock. i know this is stupid to say but singing in cantonese please.

my bribe.. its not the 'best' but i uploaded a hacken lee song. its the themesong to the drama revolving doors of vengence and if you dont know it; this song, in my opinion, is really good. its a 9/10 for me. its a soft ballad with piano and if you knew cantonese, it would be better because there is down-to-eath emotion in it. so, if you want it, here you go

thank you if you can help me! ive looked in a lot of places for reccomendations but nothing really showed up.

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I'm wondering... [
April 18, 07 at 11:08pm]

[ mood | stressed ]

Do anyone have this song: 馬浚偉 - 會友之鄉 (電視劇《鐵血保鏢》主題曲)?
It's TVB series theme song. (Safe Guard) I would be very grateful if you can send/upload it.

Thank you in advance.

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